Aircraft agnostic autonomy System

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Safe, reliable and certifiable system

A system with airborne & ground obstacles detection and avoidance and Integrated Vehicle Health Management which provides onboard safe and reliable autonomy. Capable of BVLOS operation with multiple redundancies in software and hardware level. System is being designed to keep in mind the airworthiness, regulatory compliance for UAVs by ICAO

Autonomy Features

Complete autonomous mission including take-off, en route and landing. Dynamic path planning.  Dynamic mission plan modification from ground station. Remote command and control capabilities.

Ground Control Software


  • Easy and intuitive interface

  • Multi UAV mission planning

  • Integration for remote pilot command and control capability.

  • ground -to-ground communication with ATC.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem


Configuration, Operation and Post-Analysis

All-in-one tool that provides features like: UAV calibration, mission planning, flight data logging, telemetry data visualization.

Situational Awareness

Provide real-time UAV and flight related data such as: vehicle’s position, navigation aid, system health for complete situational awareness. Real time first person view to the operator for cockpit-like experience